New Offline Casinos Opening Up Europe

Casinos have become a major industry in Europe after the approval by several countries of commercial casino gaming majorly because it is seen as a tool for economic growth. The utmost alleged remunerations include increased employment and tax revenue to local and state administrations, and the development of domestic retail sales. Aside from making money, gaming is also a form of recreation and relaxation. The gaming industry in Europe is currently experiencing unprecedented growth as many investors are building and planning to build more Casino complexes with several new ones opening up while others are still in the planning and construction phase. These include the Aspers Casino in London, the Tigre de Cristal Casino, the Selena World Club Resort and Casino in Russia and the Cyprus Integrated Casino Resort in Cyprus, to mention a few.

The Aspers Casino- London.

There is no doubt that the gaming landscape in the United Kingdom is one of the most diverse in Europe with over 100 land casinos spread all over the country. The Aspers Casino, the largest gambling venue in London, began its operations in 2011. The casino offers a good number of playing tables (70), about 12 poker tables, and some 150 electronic gaming machines.

Tigre de Cristal Casino – Russia

The Tigre de Cristal, the first casino in Russia, had its grand opening in 2015 and has since then been recording a large number of high rollers. This casino and resort is open to everyone and besides the Russians, the highest number of players is from China and South Korea, and based on the positive reviews it seems that the Chinese players have finally found their stronghold.

The Selena World Resort and Casino – Russia

The Selena World Club Resort and Casino is currently under construction about 50km from Vladivostok, Russia. Phase 1A is expected to open around late 2016 and early 2017. The project features high-class 5-star hotels, cafeterias and bars, fitness and spa facilities, several shopping zones, and a lavish casino. After that, by 2018, the developers plan to start the construction of three lots that will comprise a 12-storey performing facility and theme park, supplementary 5-star casinos, hotels, cafeterias, bars, shopping zones, and a cinema. When Phase 2 is completed, Phase 1 will be repurposed to become a multi-functional centre. The CEO of Diamond Fortune George Kondakov informed the local media that the desirability of the hotel and entertainment complex and incorporated Selena Zone will double if customers take advantage of the opportunity to visit both the casino and the cinema. By 2021, they intend to open a 7-star hotel with private villas.

Cyprus Integrated Casino Resort – Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus will welcome any major casino developer sometime in 2016. Bidders will be invited and the Casino location is yet to be revealed. The winning bidder will require a lot more than first-class accommodation and casino games in their strategy but all surety and additional services are up to every contender. It is expected that a blend of local agreements on the features and location of the building will possibly influence this decision.

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