New offline casinos opening up Asia

Extravagance Redefined in The New Asian Casinos

The continent of Asia is known for its exotic locales, exquisite landscapes, rich and varied cuisines, and a vibrant, colourful culture. Now you can add more luxurious casinos to the list as well. The world may always turn to Las Vegas for the ultimate casino experience, but Asia is not far behind. In fact, reports suggest that Macau is attracting more money and more people than any casino in Las Vegas.

Extravagance Redefined

We never thought that we would say this, but the new casino projects developing in Asia will redefine luxury as we know it. The focus is more on providing an exclusive service to their guests rather than the size of the casino. This is understandable, considering the population of the continent and the land available.

Blockbuster Openings of 2016

It is a strong possibility that the ‘new kids on the block’ could very well be the game changers of the casino industry, not just in Asia, but throughout the world. Here are the some of the best new projects that will open its doors to the public in 2016:

  • The 13, Macau

An unlucky number for some, but don’t let that fool you, for the casino will offer one of the most exclusive, most luxurious experiences to the guests who can consider themselves lucky enough to get in. Consider this fact: 15 custom-made Rolls Royce Phantoms have been booked by the casino. This is the largest order ever by a single entity. The fleet of cars will be used to carry guests around the complex, picking them up from the villas where they will stay, to the actual casino. Another fact: one single night will cost a minimum of $10,000. Not just games and fun, there will be exclusive shops as well, selling designer wear and jewellery.

  • Paradise City, South Korea

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is one of the world’s most famous casino destinations. Now they are looking to make their mark on Asian soil with a casino designed along the same lines. The project is being developed in partnership with a Hong Kong property developer. You can expect the same stellar experience that made Caesar’s Palace one of the best in the industry. The casino will have a luxury hotel and a shopping centre as well. The aim is to make South Korea a premier destination for luxury casinos, just like Macau. The project is expected to rise up near the Incheon International Airport in Seoul. It will be open only to foreigners.

  • DeltinCaravela, India

A land renowned for its mysticism and spirituality is now making rapid strides in the luxury casino industry. Gambling is outlawed in most Indian states, but Goa has been allowed to develop five-star casinos. The DeltinCaravela will be the latest addition. It will feature all the attractions of a modern casino, and it will be blessed with the beautiful charm of the golden beaches and the calm seas of Goa.

The Next Big Casino Destination

Asia is primed to be the next big casino destination in 2016.

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